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About us

Creator of natural and organic food products for your health and well being.
After more than 35 years of research, we have create and selected more than 60
references of products for you and your customers. 

Louis Uberti, an enthusiastic researcher and author of many books on health and
wellbeing has developed a full range of natural, dietary and organic products.
Mondial Uberti is a growing company in the natural product sector created in 2000.

Our leading product is our Apple Cider Vinegar enriched with plant extracts, created since 1976. This natural, organic specialty is considered to be a real source of wellbeing and
generates 84% of repeat purchase. We selected our products carefully to offer the
best quality.

Our wish: a long and healthy life
Our slogan: strength, vitality and energy
Our hope for You: health, harmony and joy

Price range:
FREE SHIPPING on orders over 59.9 € incl. tax (*)
SAVE 5 % on orders over 350 € incl. tax