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The Sports Cocktail
The Sports Cocktail

The Sports Cocktail

An organic cocktail ideal for active lifestyles.

1 bag (50 g) à 4,90 € either 98,00 € / kg

4.90 €
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Presentation of the product

Presentation of the product

Product Description

Made with figs, dates, cranberries and sweet apricot kernels, the "Sports Cocktail" can be enjoyed as is. It is a perfect treat before or during any sports activity.

The «Sports Cocktail» provides better recuperation during physical exertion because it avoids difficult to digest snack foods. It helps develop good muscle tone and promotes mobility and flexibility of joints.Recommended use: plain or mixed in your raw meals (cereal, muesli, dairy products, pancakes, porridges, etc)

Ingredients - dried fruits : fig cubes* (40%), date cubes* (40%), cranberries infused with apple juice* (12%), SWEET APRICOT KERNELS* (8%)


* Organic products

Average nutritional value per 100 g

Calories : 1260,51 kJ / 299.04 kcal

Fat : 5,00 g

  of which Saturated Fatty Acids : 0,44 g

Carbohydrates : 54,58 g

of which sugars : 50,43 g

Fibres : 8,36 g

Proteins : 4,76 g

Salt : 0,09 g

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